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Companion Care

Some clients enjoy engaging in conversation or sharing meals. Some clients like to have the paper, books, or other religious texts read to them, in addition to visiting or making an outing to the local ice cream shop. Research shows this type of interaction improves health, happiness and overall well-being.

Meal Preparation

Caregivers can help with shopping and meal preparation, to provide well-balanced meals to optimize nutrition and food enjoyment for our clients.


We can provide light housekeeping such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, bathrooms, and kitchen. We will also do client's laundry, including changing linens.

Shopping and Transportation

Caregivers can shop for groceries, pick up medications, or run errands. Caregivers can also provide transportation to doctor's appointments, beauty salons, or day outings to the beach. Clients may stay at home or come along depending on their wishes. It is our philosophy that when able, getting out and about is good for their well-being.

Medication Reminders

Though Andersson Care cannot administer medications, we help ensure that clients take medications as prescribed through reminders at the prescribed intervals.

24-Hour Care

Depending on the individual needs of the client, Andersson Care can deliver quality services from a minimum of 2 hours per week to 24 hours per day of In-Home Care.

Respite Care/Family Relief

Within the family structure, caregiving can help strengthen bonds and is often rewarding. Caring for a family member can also be demanding and at times overwhelming. Andersson Care can provide respite care to assist with these situations to give the family a well-deserved break.